SPY GAMES by adam brookes

Introducing the sequel to the critically acclaimed debut Night Heron...

The British journalist, Philip Mangan, is lying low in East Africa. His other life - as an agent of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service - is known to the Chinese. His reputation and his life are in tatters. But Mangan is caught in a horrific terrorist attack in Ethiopia. And when a shadowy Chinese figure approaches him to proffer information on the origins of the attack, Mangan is catapulted back into espionage. 

Thousands of miles away on a humid Hong Kong night, a key British Intelligence source is killed minutes after meeting SIS officer Trish Patterson. 

In an Oxford college, a young man approaches a young woman - and sets off a lethal contest of will. 

In Washington and London, in Africa and South-East Asia, Chinese power is stirring - a power that will use Mangan and Patterson as its pawns - if they survive.

Steeped in tension and paranoia, author Adam Brookes's follow-up to his award-nominated debut is a remarkable, groundbreaking spy thriller.

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Praise for Spy Games

'A smarter or more exciting mystery likely won't be released this year.' - Kirkus (starred review) 

'Brookes shows that his impressive debut was no fluke, and readers will look forward to Mangan's next adventure.' - Publishers Weekly 

"A rich, can't-put-it-down thriller... terrific.' - Joseph Kanon